A Welcoming Statement for Twisted Wonderland

Yo. Hello. Ciao. Hi. Moin. Osu. Hola. Aloha. Salutations. Fáilte. Ohayo. Howdie. Bonjour. Salut. Greetings.

Welcome to a photoblog. Whose photoblog in general? Well to be specific: Bo’s. She created it to share her photography with others.

If you are unaware of or are unsure of what this ‘photoblog’ is. Well here is a quick definition that should hopefully clear things up for you:

A photoblog (a.k.a. photolog or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog, but differentiated by the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text.

If that did not help you, please feel free to use your spare time and go here.

Now that, that is taken care of, we shall continue. Bo is Bo, she could leave it at that but she feels mighty generous today and shall share some more information. Bo is a female photographer.

The End.

She isn’t going to share anything else with you. Besides that doesn’t deal with photography so there is no point in typing about it here. Though you could go check out ‘Behind the Camera’.

Info on Bo’s Photo’s:

  • The date ranges from photo’s taken will be large due to Bo’s interest during the time or she doesn’t like how the other photo’s came out. Some may be from five years ago to maybe last Tuesday
  • There will be use of different cameras for pictures. Earlier photos will be with Canon PowerShot A75. For later ones she can’t tell you now, she’ll determine it when she posts them.
  • Can’t think of what else to type >_>

You should use the sidebar to help navigate your way to Bo’s photos if you wish to see them.

PS. If you haven’t noticed Bo tends to type in third person along with talking in it at times.


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