Update on the Mind


Well so far Bo’s uploaded seven pictures and planning to upload about three more by the end of this week.

Been busy lately with being sick. Not sure what she has but hopefully the doctor will be able to figure it out once the blood tests are in.

Would have uploaded pictures earlier but been busy sleeping for more then 24 hours at a time and only waking up for a few hours in return.

Oh! Missed her birthday too due to the sickness we had to celebrate it the next day, it was on the sixth. Time seems to have flied by it’s almost thanks giving and then christmas. It’s scary how fast time is flying by.

Bo really wants it to snow because she has some awesome ideas for where to take pictures but so far luck is not with her and all we’ve gotten is cold wind. Hopefully we’ll get snow before christmas.

That’s all for now on the twisted mind.

~ Bo


~ by Bo on 2008 Nov 24th, Monday.

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