Update on the Mind

Welcome to the fourth installment of Update on the Mind!

Huzzah! It’s been a long time since Bo has had a news update!

She’s posted 20 photos so far since she’s created the website. And sadly she still has yet to atain a camera of her own. – -||  Hopefully that will be changed sometime soon in the future. But since we are currently having an global financial crisis… well enough said there.

Besides that, Bo’s now experimenting with macro photography. She’s already had some fun with that, taking pictures of Chibi-chan and her own eye. She’s going to try something different in the next couple of days see how that works out. ^^

Well that’s all Bo has to say on this mind update.

Adieu. Good-bye. Farewell. Ta-ta. Cheerio. Au revoir. Adiós. Sayonara. Hasta la vista. Bye-bye. So Long. Namárië. Shalom.


~ by Bo on 2009 Feb 26th, Thursday.

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