Farm Bird

Rooster standing on a window edge

Rooster standing on a window edge


Make: Sony
Model: Sony Mavica MVC-FD88
Shutter: unknown
F Number: unknown
Focal Length: unknown
Date Picture Taken: July 17, 2001
Where: Name forgotten*, Door County Wisconsin

Bo Notes: Haha, this is a pretty one, don’t like the noise so much in the background but the bird came out great! 

Bo use to be friends of the artists mother. She was really kind, can’t really remember much, it’s been so long since we were last there sadly. Hopefully she is still alive and well.

*Taken in Door Country, Wisconsin at a art studio place… they had a farm in the back. It’s like a sculpture painting place, along with jewerly making, and glass painting… it’s most likely widened their selection of stuff people can do since we last been there a few many years ago. Sadly Bo can’t remember the correct name, just remember that it had the word ‘hands’ in the title.  

Bo plans to find out the name of the place at a later date along with the other unknown information. 


~ by Bo on 2009 Mar 18th, Wednesday.

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