Update on Bo’s Mind

Welcome to the sixth update on the mind of Bo!

Woot! Bo’s on a roll this week! Uploaded six photo’s this week, so go check them out!

Other news, Bo entered her first artist competition! Theme was “On the Edge” we could interpt it anyway we wished. Don’t think she will do good but oh wells~ Had fun messing around with different types of techquines for taking pictures it was worth it in the end.

We get judged this Sunday one day after Bo’s ACTs.

Wonderful news really ACTs on Saturday and the final judging next day. *sarcastic*

Still don’t have a camera of her own. – -|| And there is this nagging thought about something she wanted to do for TWLMOB but can’t remember what it is… only that it dealt with adding another page.

More importantly! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Twisted Wonderland Mind of Bo has hit count of 760!

Sadly that’s all the time Bo has today for updating, she’ll give results for the competition Sunday evening or Monday morning!

Cheerio everyone,



~ by Bo on 2009 Apr 01st, Wednesday.

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