Update on the Mind

Welcome to the 7th update on the mind of Bo!

Since last update over a month ago Bo’s been rather busy. On the up side of the busy she’s finally cracked a deal with Dad on getting a camera! SO HAPPY DANCE THERE! 

Bo’s now taking up the profession of being a ‘Jack of all Trades’. Always wanted to be one so there’s happiness in that. 😀

Oh right the deal is we split the spending of the camera 50/50. Pretty sure she has roughly 100 dollars saved up only got another 200 to go… 

Besides that she has a bunch of new photos to go through and organize. And another school field trip is coming up soon and Bo is praying she’ll have her camera by then.

Hm… should make a list of possible names too.

Bo has school to get ready for and five or less photos to upload so…




~ by Bo on 2009 May 14th, Thursday.

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