Update on the Mind!

An Update on the Mind of the one called Bo!

Well! Bo is currently residing in Flordia at this very moment, for she is on vacation. ( ノ゜-゜ )ノ HUZZAH!

Bo is staying at her Dad’s Cousins house more specifically their guest house. >_> And if you where unaware, during summer it seems to be very humid here… T_T

OH! And Bo also redyed her hair! Tis looking awesome if she does say so herself! 😀 EVEN BETTER is the fact that after washing her hair not much die washed out so she is quite happy about that!

八(ҩ_ҩ) ━━┏(・o・)┛━━ ( ノ゜-゜ )ノ




~ by Bo on 2009 Jul 26th, Sunday.

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