Update on the Mind!

A blithe filled update on Bo’s Mind!

Hopefully ‘blithe’ is being used correctly in that sentence if not… well Bo needs more grammar homework.

Bo has just returned from her vacation trip at Florida. Though she is quite tired she wanted to update here first.

Lots of photo’s where taken and new style of photography was tried with good results. Super hyped up to hurry and post those up! (o^▽^)b

Also edited about 5 maybe 6 photos from 2002-04, so they’ll be put up real soon. Those will be the last photo’s from 2002 & 2003 that Bo will be posting, too.

Hm… Bo needs to clean Ham-Sandwich REBORN!’s* screen tis very dirty. Another note… Bo can’t seem to download Windows 7.

All is well, now Bo is off to unpack.


* Ham-Sandwich REBORN! – Laptop


~ by Bo on 2009 Aug 01st, Saturday.

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