Update on her Mind

Tis an Update on Bo’s Mind

Random thoughts come to Bo’s head, and she realized she needs to update her front page. (ޞ_ޞ) She no longer is camera-less, and there is something else she needs to fix but it is escaping her memory…

Kinda hungry… Bo should get something to eat again soon. She should also pack up for school too.. >_< School has become rather troublesome for Bo, the stupid schedule makes no sense. Bo suspects a conspiracy. >_>

Besides those depressing thoughts, Bo’s started new animes and attempting to catch up on old ones. Key word there being attempting. ( ç_ç ) She’s doing a semi-okay job at that. But that also means she’s procrastinating work on TWLMOB.

Another thought of Bo’s is that she should really look into gaining more publicity for her photoblog. It’d be nice to get more comments and page-views.

Might as well start getting packed.

Adieu to you all,


~ by Bo on 2009 Sep 08th, Tuesday.

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