Update on her Mind

tis a very late update

(which she is very sorry for!!)

Bo doesn’t even want to find out how late this update is… ( ̄□ ̄;).

It’s Bo’s final year of high school and she is now a legal adult as of last month~! With that knowledge of being her final year that means she has to do college applications and stuff… /( ≧ω≦ )\.

If people who read this haven’t already figured out, Bo can be incredibly lazy and if she has no motivation nothing will get done. It’s very hard to motivate her when she’s unmotivated and apathetic to everything.

Good news is yesturday-Dec. 11, 2009- Bo regained her interest in photography thanks to Chibi-chan~! So you can pretty much thank her, because Bo wouldn’t be doing this now if she didn’t.

Final note before Bo uploads her first picture of the month: she got a new lens! 八(^□^*)


after note…
Really should think about making a new banner and fixing front page of site… ( ̄~ ̄;)


~ by Bo on 2009 Dec 06th, Sunday.

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